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Reassure Full-Rise Overnight Underwear, X-Large, Case

Reassure Overnight Underwear is one of our most absorbent underwear for complete overnight protection and a restful night of sleep. Superior materials also make it one of the softest and most comfortable.
Limit one trial case per household.
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Reassure Full-Rise Overnight Underwear is one of our most absorbent Underwear with complete overnight protection for a restful night of sleep. The full-rise coverage provides comfort and security.

Reassure Full-Rise Overnight Underwear features:

  • Full coverage for comfort and security Skin-Soft™ Lining pulls moisture away from the skin for greater comfort. 
  • A generous amount of Gel-Dry™ polymer locks away odor and moisture, keeping your skin dry. 
  • Leakage Guard™ elastic inner leg cuffs provide additional protection and close fit. 

Size label indicates back of underwear. o Latex free. Size Information: S - (20" - 34" waist) M - (34" - 44" waist) L - (44" -58" waist) XL - (58" - 68" waist)

** Maximum purchase quantity: 1 per customer **

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